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Confederate losers

All of these people waving Confederate flags in Alabama (and anywhere else) are losers. Get with the times and wake up, you fucking idiots, it's the 21st century! The Confederate States of America lost the Civil War 155 years ago!

If Trump is such a patriotic defender of the American flag, then why isn't he ripping into these Confederate-lovers as anti-patriotic 'sons of bitches'? Oh yeah, we know why: because he is a hypocrite and loser just like them!

The Confederate flag is a symbol -- perhaps the most easily displayed and recognized symbol -- of the barbaric institution of slavery: the enslavement of one group of people on the basis of race and class (black/brown skin of African descent, laboring class) by another (white/pale skin of European descent, rich landowning elite). Why would anyone in their right and reasonable mind support or honor that? Unless of course they hate people on the basis of race, or class, or both. In which case they must be educated out of their immature ignorance and disciplined out of their petty insecurity.

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