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Yet more prayers for Venezuela

It's an absolute disgrace what's going on in Venezuela right now, where there has been a nearly nationwide blackout for more than 5 days straight now.

Imagine if your home had no electricity for 5 straight days -- the food in your fridge would go bad, you'd have no fans or a/c in the summer (as it is in Venezuela now). With no tv or internet, what would you do at nighttime?

My suspicion -- and I emphasize that this is personally my own speculation -- is that the Maduro regime doesn't want there to be electricity, so that cell phones cannot be charged, computers cannot be turned on, and televisions are useless. Why? So the opposition can't organize the masses. The Maduro regime wants its own people in the dark, literally and figuratively.

Power can certainly corrupt, and I believe we're seeing that in action in Venezuela (among other places in the world, some close and some far).

If you pray, please say a prayer for the innocent people of Venezuela, the young children, the elderly, the hungry, those who are hospitalized, the weak and the vulnerable. And pray for justice against the corrupt.

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