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The Quixote Project

I went to high school with Jeff Selby, the lead singer of The Quixote Project. I'm really proud of the work he's done as a musician.

Their music can be classified as roots, neo-folk, alternative, or Americana, among others. Hailing from the easternmost edge of the Philadelphia suburbs, with the mighty Pine Barrens as their backyard, The Quixote Project hearkens to a certain romantic, rustic thread of our American history, a time when relationships mattered most and the feelings that come along with them.

Although they've got a lot more popular tracks than the one above, I picked it and posted it here because I love the vibe it exudes. With it being the holidays, there's a certain comfort and homeyness that is just perfect for these days ahead.

Keep it up, Selby! I'm proud of you, man.

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