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Release the president's tax returns

We, the public, deserve to see the president's federal income tax returns, including attached forms and schedules.

Since the early 1970s, most U.S. presidents have chosen to release their returns publicly. Clearly then, it can be done and it has been done.

There is no position of public service in this country that comes with more power or as much responsibility to as many people as does the position of President of the United States. For this reason alone, the public's right to know information outweighs an individual's right to privacy, limited in this situation to a candidate for U.S. president.

If a prospective candidate for president does not agree, then he or she has the right to not run for president, in order to then preserve his or her individual right to privacy. Otherwise, "we the people" have an interest that must be respected.

We elect the president, so it should be up to us to decide what we need to see in order to make an informed decision.

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