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The Moon

About 108 billion people have ever been alive on planet Earth. Seeing the full hunter's moon the other night -- large, bright, and round, and hanging in the sky -- I thought to myself: other than people who were blind or who died too young to be aware, every person in every part of the world throughout all of history has seen and gazed upon the moon. It's amazing.

There may be no other experience that has been more common to every single human being that has ever lived than looking upon, and looking up at, the moon. Think about any and every historical figure -- seriously, name anyone from any time in history -- and you can be sure that that person at some point in their lifetime gazed at the moon. If you've ever looked up at the moon, then you have something in common with that famously historical person!

Likewise, think of all the people -- regular people, living their existence from birth to death -- in every corner of the globe, in places with names you may not be able to pronounce, and which might be difficult for you to visit, if you were to even consider doing so -- even they have seen the moon in a clear night sky.

As such, next time you look up at the moon, take a moment to appreciate your connection to all of humanity, both past and present, and that it is often the simplest things in life that tie us together as brothers and sisters of the human race.

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