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World Series, you say?

The 2018 World Series begins tonight, with the Los Angeles Dodgers at the Boston Red Sox, and I really don't care.

Let me say right up front that I don't mean to offend anyone or ruffle any feathers. I simply offer my personal opinion: baseball is long, slow, and boring. And then last week, seeing the silliness of Manny Machado intentionally kicking Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Jesus Aguilar while running through first base strikes me as stupid rather than entertaining in any way. You might say that's only an isolated incident, but I think to myself: Why bother watching?

I'd rather watch football or basketball, both of which have more action, than baseball.

And now during the summers (when there is no football or basketball), my preferred sport to watch is soccer, which even despite sometimes low-scoring matches, at least has constant action.

Baseball? Better in-person than on tv, I'm sure, but regardless, still not interesting enough to care what happens with the World Series.

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