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Big thanks to Public Servants

I want to thank all public servants for the work they do, but in this post I want to recognize four (4) classes in particular:

-- teachers,

-- police,

-- firefighters, and

-- social workers.

All the workers in the four fields above serve an important and critical role in our communities. None of them work in a for-profit field. Instead, they have dedicated themselves to serving the public, sometimes even putting themselves in harm's way, and for that they should always be revered and respected by society at large.

In the case of police, firefighters, and social workers, they protect us:

-- police from the harmful effects of crime;

-- firefighters from the harmful consequences of fire; and

-- social workers from the harmful effects of child abuse and neglect.

In the case of teachers, they both provide and protect our children:

-- teachers provide an education for our children;

-- teachers provide a safe space for our children away from home; and

-- teachers provide an example as role models to our children.

-- teachers also protect future society from the harmful consequences of a potentially uneducated electorate and/or unproductive workforce. Knowledge is power, which leads to production.

As with so many other fields, there have been bad apples in these fields above, but that should not take away from the appreciation we should have for the great many of those who are truly an integral part of our community, providing all the positive benefits just noted and more. There are so many unsung heroes in all of the fields above, and they should be celebrated for the work they do!

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