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Pray for those who are lost in life

I've known of at least a couple people who are completely lost in life, jumping from one thing to the next -- job to job, educational degree to educational degree, and relationship to relationship -- not out of any sense of curiosity or wanderlust, but rather out of an apparent incapability to know their true selves, like a blind person walking until hitting a wall, then turning aimlessly in another direction only to walk a few steps into another wall, and so on and so forth. There is no purpose or rationale for any new direction taken except for the mere fact that it is a different direction than the last dead end. I believe that fear is both the driver and the brakes, pushing and pulling at the same time: driving these people from one thing to the next, while simultaneously stopping them from an honest self-assessment of who they are and their true nature and destiny. Pray for those who are lost, since calling them out on their being lost typically only brings the aforementioned fear to the fore, which only further embeds the lost person in their mire.

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