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Humility is a virtue

"The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked,

but the dwelling of the just he blesses;

When dealing with the arrogant, he is stern,

but to the humble he shows kindness." -- Proverbs 3:33-34, from Today's Reading

Working in the field of law, I've observed arrogance and bullying behavior in action, particularly among some attorneys. Sometimes certain clients may like to see this sort of behavior by someone representing their interests in Court.

I pray to God, no matter how experienced I am now and will become further with each additional case I take over the course of my career, to be able to convey the sense of confidence that clients look for, but yet do so with a sense of humility that I am serving my client, not to prove anything about myself, except that I am sincere and competent in my work on behalf of others.

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