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On quotes

I periodically cite quotations at the beginning of my blog entries as a starting point for my written thoughts that follow.

I shouldn't have to say this, but I'll do so to make clear for the record: just because I quote someone doesn't mean that I agree with them 100% or even at all. If the requirement was that my beliefs must be in complete and total congruence with someone else in order for me to quote them, then I wouldn't quote anyone at all, ever. (I'm not so sure that two human beings can ever be in complete and total congruence of beliefs with each other.)

Rather, if I cite a quotation, it's because I find it interesting in some sort of way, perhaps because I agree with it and want to use it to open the topic and lead into my own thoughts, or perhaps because, though I may not agree with it, I find it thought-provoking and want to share it with you, the reader, as food for thought, before I share my own.

Countless people have offered their thoughts and opinions before you or I. I won't be afraid to quote anyone else, knowing that my thoughts are mine and their thoughts are theirs, and anyone with a working brain and a sense of reason will know and respect the difference.

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