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Where are the humans not afraid of others? Please stand up.

I've written about bullying before, just a couple months ago, in fact.

And I'm saddened to have to write about it again after seeing a story in the news today about Jamel Myles, a 9 year-old boy who killed himself after being bullied just days after telling classmates that he was gay.

What can I say, except what should already seem so obvious? Every person should have the right to be who they are. Every person should have the freedom to be themselves, without fear of persecution or ridicule by others. Any culture that opposes these ideals creates a reality where people may feel compelled to not only lie to others about themselves, but more keenly to lie to themselves about who they are, thus creating the tension inherent in a false reality.

Bullying is dehumanizing. It dehumanizes the victim by denying their dignity as a free individual. And it dehumanizes the aggressor by revealing their imprisonment within a rigid intolerance of anyone different than them.

Please say a prayer for Jamel Myles. Tell him that we love him.

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