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Climate change is real

Human population growth has been exponential, particularly within the last century.

Concomitant with human population growth, humans have inhabited more and more parts of the globe, which means more and more land has been developed, not just strictly where people live, but also to create more roads connecting those places where people live.

Also concomitant with human population growth, and with the invention and increase in use of plastics and other synthetic materials, there is more and more non-degradable waste throughout the world.

On top of all that, there are emissions going into our atmosphere from machines and vehicles and factories and other sources that didn't exist in previous times, certainly not before the Industrial Revolution.

It flies in the face of all of the above, and in the face of common sense, that all of our actions as humans would not have an effect upon the earth we live on and its climate. Climate change is real.

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