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Crisis in the Catholic Church

As many of you who live in or near Pennsylvania have seen in the news, a grand jury report was publicly released yesterday afternoon, which details the widespread sexual abuse by Catholic priests towards children in six of the eight dioceses of Pennsylvania from 1947 to the early 2000's.

I encourage you to read the report: click here.

The grand jury provides its recommendations on pages 10-12, and in more detail on pages 310-316, of the .pdf document. They're very much worth reading, and I hope that the people in power, both in the state legislature and within the church, read them and consider them carefully.

Children may be the most vulnerable members of society, because of their inherent innocence and because they depend upon the protection of the adults in their lives. That this happened at all, but that it happened on such a widespread scale, is beyond disappointing.

On different levels, I hope for healing, I hope for justice, and I hope for positive change.

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