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Far out

Let's use our imagination.

Imagine that you stand up right now and that you have the power to blast off directly overhead, through the roof, into the air, through the atmosphere, past the clouds, into the stratosphere, and into space.

Imagine that you continue on a straight-line trajectory from your original starting position, picking-up speed until you reach and then surpass light speed, to the point of moving so fast that it's borderline teleportation, covering light-years in the matter of minutes or even seconds.

What happens when you get beyond all the stars and galaxies? What happens when you get to the edge of our universe? And then continue beyond, leaving our universe farther and farther behind until it diminishes to a pinpoint of light, and then eventually becomes too small to see?

Is there an end to the universe? Is there a point where no matter which direction you turn there is nothing but darkness in all directions? At that moment, is it possible that answers to the big questions are revealed: creation? life? existence? God? Would the differences in religions and belief systems then become irrelevant, and dare I say silly?

If you can meditate and truly visualize the hypothetical above, it's humbling and mind-blowing at the same time.

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