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How unions can survive post-Janus

There was an interesting article on today regarding how teachers' unions can survive the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME, which was a major labor law case, holding that no public sector employee, having refused membership in a union, may be compelled to pay union dues, despite the benefits they may receive as a result of collective bargaining on behalf of all workers.

Some of the key quotes (in my opinion) from the article:

“unions looking to energize their members need to provide clear benefits that members value related to their identity as professional employees — benefits that those members can’t get elsewhere and that members have to pay dues to get.”

“[professional benefits] designed to improve one’s quality as a [job title] are likely to be supported regardless of members’ political orientations.”

“Benefits build member interest — and, ultimately, union power."

In nature, evolution requires successful adaptation to changing conditions. The same principle applies in society. Unions must now adapt, post-Janus, in order to continue to effectively represent the working class.

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