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"I believe a stronger sense of empathy would tilt the balance of our current politics in favor of those people who are struggling in this society. After all, if they are like us, then their struggles are our own. If we fail to help, we diminish ourselves." -- Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope​, pages 67-68

Being acutely aware of what is taking place in Washington, D.C. this morning, I offer the following in the way of hope and advice:

We need a broader coalition. We need more cross-pollination. To wit,

We need activists and supporters of particular groups to encourage, speak out in favor of, demonstrate with, and overall give active support to activists and supporters of other particular groups:

  • women's rights

  • immigrants' rights

  • unions and the labor movement

  • LGBT rights

  • affordable, universal healthcare

  • environmental protection

  • religious freedom and religious minorities

  • the press and free speech

  • victims of abuse and trafficking

  • education advocates and teachers

  • senior/elder rights

  • disability rights

And many others . . .

The point is that we must all do -- even just a little bit more than we have -- to see the world around us, identify those people or groups that are in some way "struggling in this society," and do something for them:

  • ​donate time by volunteering

  • donate money

  • raise awareness on social media

  • speak out and respond to those who lack empathy for, or understanding of, those groups

  • attend demonstrations in their favor

  • write to politicians to advocate on their behalf

. . . And pray fervently on behalf of any individual struggling in this society, that God may be with them, grant them strength in the face of opposition, and guide them to see and know that there are allies like you and me . . . and in such way know and believe they are a part of this society, not forgotten or discarded, but instead belong.

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