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Act Now

​"The time is always right to do what's right." -- Martin Luther King, Jr., Speech at Oberlin College​, October 22, 1964​

In our hearts we know the right thing to do. Our conscience, which speaks to us through our inner voice, tells us what the right thing is. C.S. Lewis touched on this point in his book Mere Christianity​, in which he asserted that there is a moral law which underlies the universe.

We are at our best when we listen and follow our conscience at all times. I pray that we can do so, especially at times when it's inconvenient, when it makes us uncomfortable, or when it calls for us to have the courage to apologize or ask for forgiveness.

If we all do what is right, it means that we'll all be looking out for each other. It especially means that we will help those people who need our help. The key part of Dr. King's directive are the active words: "to do." Let's act now to do the right thing.

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