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Let It Snow!

​As we've all heard by now, the Philadelphia area is expected to receive a ton of snowfall this weekend, starting late tonight into and throughout the day tomorrow.

Up until this time, we've had nothing more than a mere trace of snow this winter, so if the forecasts hold true we're about to get our due. Although I'm not necessarily a winter purist -- that is, dying for lots of snow -- I'm also not one of these anti-snow folks, in favor of climate change (read global warming) or counting down the days to eventually retire in Florida or some other warm weather climate.

I actually like the snow. And I miss the fact that we haven't had any yet this winter. So, with that, I'm looking forward to a snow-filled weekend, spending quality time with my family at home, and hopefully getting some much-needed rest too.

Take care, Philly, I hope you've stocked up on your bread, milk, and eggs!

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