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I Am Philadelphia's Lawyer

I'm representing Point Breeze with ease.

My clients in Bridesburg are just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm keeping it fair in Rittenhouse Square.

I'll do anything legally possible for my friends in Graduate Hospital.

For my people in Pennsport, I'm their main man in Court.

I fight hard for my clients in the Navy Yard,

and I certainly bring passion for my people in Strawberry Mansion.

I'll give a lickin' on behalf of my friends in Eastwick 'n'

I'll work day and dark for my clients in Hunting Park.

I protect the civil liberties of those in Northern Liberties

(That probably doesn't count as a rhyme, but who ever said that was a crime?)

I give it my best for my clients in Lawncrest.

Yo represento a todos los latinos del sur al norte,

llámame cuando están listos para ir a la Corte.

I'm Philly's legal eagle, or Philly's legal bird,

all the way from Mt. Airy across to Frankford.

Don't let your legal worries get you down,

I fight for what's right for those in Germantown.

As long as I'm alive, I'll represent the 2-1-5,

in the city of brotherly love, you see what I'm made of.

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