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Philly Reminiscences, in black and white

"I'm not playing a role, just being who I am, and if you try and dis me, I couldn't give a damn. Cause I'm rockin'." -- Beastie Boys​, Jimmy James(song), Check Your Head​ (album)

​​​​​​I remember days taking the bus back from Atlantic City,

after a long night, and still feeling pretty shitty,

with the smell of salt in the air,

gazing out the window, and wondering who was at fault and did I even care.

I remember a late night sneaking in to the Pen & Pencil​,

rubbing elbows with reporters seemed so mature and sensible.

Or how about nights on the town that started at Drinker's Pub

eventually leading to Walnut Room or some other club,

before ending up at Little Pete's​ for some late-night grub.

Reminiscing about times past over a glass of red wine,

smiling to myself and feeling quite fine.

Life moves forward, in the direction of goals we move toward,

But right here and right now I raise my glass in a toast,

in honor of memories past and those I love most!​​

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