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Pain is Love

​​​​"The pain you and I feel will never go away, but work will help us to bear it. Suffering has no strength to wound a weary body." -- The Fifth Mountain​, Paulo Coelho, p. 193

There are all kinds of pain in this world. The deepest and most lasting all seem to have to do with loss. Death, which is loss of a loved one. Heartbreak, which is loss of one who we wanted to love us. Betrayal, which is loss of trust and the relationship tied to it.

Since each kind of loss deals with an irreversible act, it stands to reason that the pain "will never go away," since nothing can change it, but only time can put distance between the time of the act itself and the present.

In the meantime, since the passage of time is obviously beyond our control, we must get to work. Work to get weary, in the physical sense. Work to stay busy, in the temporal sense. Work as an outlet for the pain, a release of energy from one's system. Work to gain something -- whether it be to create or build products or new relationships or simply money -- to counterbalance the loss, and thereby move back toward a point of equilibrium though in a new reality.

I'm writing now because I miss my cat, The Baby, and I also miss all the people who I've lost over the years. May God bless and protect them, and for those who have passed, may they rest in peace.​

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