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We are Family

​"Whatever difficulties and trials you face, I ask you, like Saint Peter, to be at peace and to respond to them as Christ did: he thanked the Father, took up his cross and looked forward!" -- Pope Francis, ​​homily at St. Patrick's Cathedral, September 24, 2015

​​With Pope Francis here in Philadelphia on a historic visit, I simply ask that we pray for a safe and holy weekend in our city of brotherly love.

May the reason for his visit -- the World Meeting of Families -- renew our commitment to our own family and to support other families, especially those facing "difficulties and trials" or those most in need, whenever possible.

My own family is hosting a family not unlike ours, a family of three -- mother, father, and young daughter -- from Ukraine this weekend. I pray that they feel at home with us and that their time in Philadelphia will create memories for a lifetime.

Have a good weekend, Philadelphia, may God bless you and your family.

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