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Happy Anniversary!

​​​​"Thank you! Yes, you!!!" -- F. Tighe Burns, Esquire


This is a special mid-week edition to mark a very special occasion: the 1-year anniversary of the Law Office of F. Tighe Burns, Esquire!

On this date last year began the fulfillment (or better put, the first step toward the fulfillment) of a dream: the establishment of my own law practice, built around principles of professionalism, respect for all other people in all facets of the legal process, high-quality direct legal services, and a culture of success.

As much as I feel so much pride on reaching this milestone, I also feel a ton of gratitude to so many people:

I thank my clients, without whose business I would not be here and without whose trust I would not have a job. I come to the office every day, including most Saturdays, for you guys! I'm committed to you and hope that I can continue to be the best lawyer that I can be on your behalf. Thank you!

I thank my friends and colleagues, without whose referrals I would not have those clients I just thanked above and without whose trust I would not even be considered for referrals. Again, I hope that I can live up to your expectations, so that you will continue to call me with questions when you have them and you will continue to refer people to me who need legal help and representation.

I thank my family, from my mother, father, and sister to my wife and daughter, without whose love and support I would not be who I am today and thus I wouldn't be the person, or the kind of person, with the friends and colleagues I just thanked above. You've seen me at my best and you've seen me at other times not my best, but you've continued to love me and for that there are no words to express my thanks.

And finally, I thank God, without whose unconditional love I would not exist nor be anything of what or who I am today. God created me and brought me into this world to be with the family I just thanked above. God also endowed me with certain qualities, strengths in many situations but weaknesses in others, but with the reason and intelligence to use these qualities in the service of others. I pray to God here and now that for whatever time I may have on this earth I help and love others as Jesus commanded​. And for this very objective, I'm so happy to say that the Law Office of F. Tighe Burns, Esquire has been here for one year. Here's to many more, thank you!!!

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