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Of Personal Qualities

​​"And nothing endures but personal qualities." -- Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass​, Song of the Broad-Axe 4​​​

Let's say a short prayer this week, asking God to bless and be with the following people in your life:

1) Your parents: whether they're alive or passed on, whether you have a good relationship with them or not, whether you've ever known them or not, since at the very least without them you would not have been conceived. In spite of any sins, faults, or lack of anything, we would not be here without our parents.

2) Someone who has passed away: ask on their behalf for God's love and companionship on the journey that comes after death, ask God to forgive their sins, ask for that person to remember you just as you remember them, since we will hope for the same thing when it is our time to pass on.

3) A child, whether a son or daughter, a grandchild, or some other young person in your life: children represent the innocence that we all have somewhere deep inside ourselves, and because they are young and innocent they are vulnerable to the sometimes harsh reality and evils of this world, so let's pray for their protection, understanding that they are our best hope for the future.

4) Your enemy or someone who you don't like: it is very often through tension and conflict that we become better people, either by getting stronger as a result of challenges or by humbling us through a reminder of our own faults and weaknesses, we would not be who we are today without those who may not like us and whom we may not like, let's say a prayer in gratitude but also ask that they may show mercy to us and we may show mercy to them from time to time, knowing that we're all imperfect.

5) And finally, for you: after asking for God's blessing of others, let's not forget to ask God to bless and protect each and every one of us, hopefully being with us and guiding us every day to be the best version of ourselves.

Thank you my friends in Philadelphia and beyond, may God bless you richly.

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