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Stay Humble and Hungry

​"Whoever wants to be great must become a servant." -- Mark 10:43, The Message​

I'm a nobody. I've been treated like crap by people in my life, from people who I know to complete strangers who want to judge me from afar without really knowing who I am. Most lawyers will tell you how great they are, how confident they are, how aggressive they are, how much they know, how many credentials they have. There are moments when I feel that way, and may perhaps convey that image too, but this isn't one of them. I'm a simple man, for whom the quote above is my true guiding light: I am here to serve others, plain and simple.

These past couple weeks of being terribly sick has been very humbling, thus reinforcing the idea that I'm a nobody, a simple man dependent upon the grace and blessing of God to do my work and live my life. There's nothing like someone else's death or your own sickness to humble you in spite of the braggadocio, loud-and-proud American culture that we live in.

At the urging of my wife and several clients, I finally went to the doctor a couple days ago. I can admit that I should have done so sooner. I was prescribed antibiotics, which led to a bad internal confrontation that first night, causing chills and fever as the antibiotics went to battle inside my body. Today, I feel like I'm finally turning a corner. I pray to God that I can rest this weekend and get back on track next week, for everyone's sake. It'll be good to be back in business.

Stay humble and hungry...

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