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Dear God, Help Us All

"Don't waste your time on useless work, mere busywork." -- Ephesians 5:11, The Message​​​

To all you people of Philadelphia (and beyond), I urge you to read Ephesians, chapter 5. Just click the link in the quote above.

I sincerely pray with my whole heart and soul that my clients and the opposing parties of their cases read and follow verse 21. Just earlier today I was copied on an email, in which an opposing party wrote to my client: "you are a fool and will always be a fool." What kind of talk is this?

This is nowhere near the worst I've seen or read, but still: Do we live in a world where adults speak like children? Is this the reality tv show culture that we live in, in which we can say whatever the hell we want? Is this the example that we're setting for our children? More poignantly, what if someone spoke to your child in this way?

Now I ask you to pray for me, especially in relation to verses 11 through 17. There are days when the emotions of the case or, more often than not, the endless hours of waiting at Court can drag me down. But there's work to be done, real work on behalf of real people. And I pray for steady productive progress in the face of all challenges, energy-drainers, and naysayers.

Please pray for me, dear Philadelphia. I'm praying for you.

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