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Good Work

"As long as I'm alive in this body, there is good work for me to do." -- Philippians 1:22, The Message​​

Today is a beautiful, sunny day, albeit somewhat chilly and windy. Sometimes on days like today I think about some of my friends who've passed away. I think of my best friend in college, Puma, who died suddenly and unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm. I think of one of my closest friends in Philadelphia right after I became a lawyer, Wagner, who committed suicide. And on days like today, I feel badly that they're not alive and here to enjoy the sunshine.

Thinking of those guys and others who've passed reminds me to be thankful to be here. I'm alive and I count myself lucky to be a lawyer, who can put my degree and skills to good work in the service of others.

I know that someday I won't be here either, but for now "there is good work for me to do." I pray to God for the energy, endurance, and heart to do that good work. And I pray to God for the souls of Puma, Wagner, and all those who have gone before us. May they live on in the hearts and memories of those of us still here.

What good work is there for you to do? I pray that God blesses you in your good works.​

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