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Use Your Gifts to Give, not to Receive

​"Because when a man tries to realize himself through the gifts with which nature has endowed him, he does the best and only meaningful thing he can do." -- Hermann Hesse, Narcissus and Goldmund, p. 278

What are your gifts? What are your talents? What are you good at?

Use your gifts to give, not to receive. Our best days are when we feel strong and productive, putting our time and energy and love -- our gifts! -- to good use.

On the contrary, when we speak negatively about others or hurt someone else or fail to do something that we're obligated to do, we're not at our best, we're not giving anything, since any fool can talk crap about someone else, or lash out at someone else, or fail to follow-through on ​something.

​​Within my own field, I know lawyers who want so much to receive attention and accolades, receive as much money as they can gain, receive self-indulgent satisfaction from being judgmental towards opposing parties or even their own clients! Don't patronize these lawyers, despite any reputation or even if they're free. They act out of their own pride and sense of superiority, and against the spirit of Hermann Hesse's statement above. They're culpable for the negative perception of lawyers in society. Walk away from a lawyer of that sort. They're more focused on selfishly receiving, rather than giving you the best of themselves always and at all times, as every dignified professional and public servant should.

What kind of person are you going to be? You know what you're good at. So do it. Use your gifts and give to others. That's the best and only meaningful thing we can do.

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