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Who Are You?

​"I have no interest in what you have -- only in you." -- 2 Corinthians 12:14, The Message

I'm interested in helping you by serving you, by listening to you, by understanding your legal problems, by helping you get from Point A (what you're dealing with today) to Point B (our ideal goal, according to your rights under the law).

Does it matter to me what you have or what​ you are? In this age of liberals and conservatives, I'm neither. Unlike the liberals, I won't constantly define you by -- and repeatedly emphasize -- categories or labels of division, or give any preference on that account. And unlike the conservatives, I won't dislike or turn anyone away for those same reasons or divisions. God loves us all, the sinners as much as those considered saints. And so, who am I to prefer any person more than any other? I'm not interested in what you are or what you have.

I'm interested in who you are and how I can serve you. You bring your legal problem -- your case, your facts, your circumstances -- to me, and together we'll figure out a plan to get on the right track, in a positive direction, away from any negativity, learning from any challenges past or present, towards the just life you deserve. I'm not here to judge, I'm here to help you make progress. Let's get to work.​

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