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Read as much as you can

In this day and age, we are increasingly distracted by screens -- cell phones and televisions, primarily.

I strongly urge you to read, though, read as much as you can. Read all types of things: books, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, news articles, poetry, even my blog entries!

But please, read more.

Think about this: not all that long ago in history, there were people who desperately desired to be literate, to have the ability to read. Booker T. Washington comes to mind as someone who wanted to know how to read so badly that he "painstakingly" taught himself to read.

Don't take it for granted!

Precisely because we live in an age of information overload, it's evermore important to gain knowledge outside of and beyond school; challenge your own beliefs; look at the world through others' perspectives; and develop the ability to keenly distill all the information out there to separate the wheat from the chaff.

By all means, please read more. It can only help you.

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