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Families Belong Together

The current administration's policy of separating families at the border is cruel and inhumane.

Taking children away from their parents, then arresting the parents, and putting their children into detention or foster care is a moral abomination.

To separate 2,000 children from their parents over the course of just 6 weeks is something one would expect in a repressive dictatorship, not in the 21st century U.S.

It reveals this administration's dehumanizing of immigrants largely from Mexico and Central America. This sadly homogeneous white administration of the supposed 'family values' party has no problem taking brown-skinned children from their Spanish-speaking parents. Would they do this to white, stereotypically "American" families? Hell no.

The racial animus -- and to say it bluntly, the racism -- of this administration and the small, but vocal base to which it panders is as obvious in this policy as it was in the travel ban (not coincidentally against another set of brown-skinned peoples).

Racism: our nation's biggest sin. And yet, there are still sinners that exist in 2018. Some of them in positions of power. And when they put that sin into action, with children as the victims, something is terribly wrong in our country.

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