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Have a Dream, Work Hard

“It’s not about being a dreamer, it’s about having a dream and being a worker.”​ -- Tim Tebow

I enjoy being a lawyer and having the privilege to help others. When I was younger, I wasn't sure what I would do for a profession. It was after I became a paralegal that I slowly began building the vision and confidence that I could, and would, become a lawyer. As I began moving in the direction of my goals, I realized that I had a dream.

I still remember the day of my graduation from Temple Law School and feeling so grateful for accomplishing that important milestone, to the point that I felt humbled and intensely thankful at the same time. There are still random moments, sometimes when I'm walking to Court and other times even during a hearing, that reflect on the reality of reaching my goals.

But I understand that I can't take anything, from my work as a lawyer to life itself, for granted, and for that reason I do my best to keep working hard. There are many evenings and weekends that I put in extra time, to do the right thing. I work hard for my clients, but I also work hard for my family. It's not just about having this dream and keeping it alive, it's about being a worker and always staying humble and hungry.

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