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Be Like a Tree

"I had learned early one important thing, and that was to always teach in terms that the people could understand." -- Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, p. 254

The young child looked at the elder and asked, "What must I do to be strong when I grow up?"

The elder looked kindly at the child and replied, "You must be like a tree. In life there will be winds of change and even storms from time to time. So you must grow roots that are strong and deep, connected to mother earth and mindful of the seed from which you came. And despite those storms and even the regular cloudy days, you must always reach for the light, which is the giver of life. Just like the night, use the dark times to rest and recover. But in the light, look up towards what is good in the world and let it help you grow. And finally, whenever the opportunity is there, provide your fruit to others and even shade and shelter to those who come close to you in times when they need it most. In these ways you will be strong when you grow up, my child."

"And if you don't understand or agree with this, then you can make like a tree and leave​."

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